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 2020 Medicare open enrollment for Medicare Advantage and Part D drug cards last from October 15th 2019 to December 7th 2019....be ready! 

Cost add up!

  • For 2020 Part A comes at no additional cost for most people because you paid into the plan for 40 quarters. If you had not you could still get Part A for $458.00 a month. 

  • for 2020 Part B $144.60 per month unless you have a higher income. Singles making more than $87,000 and couples making over $174,000 will pay a bit more. 

  • You will need a Medicare supplement or an Advantage Plan to supplement your Part A and B. ​

  • If you do not get an Advantage plan that includes a drug card, or you do not have any other qualified drug plan like VA or employer provided plans, you will need a part D drug card as well. 

​This is where having an actual agent working with you is absolutely critical. If you were interested in a Medicare supplement and wanted a plan G, for example, a 65 year old female in the same zip code could purchase a plan for a price range of $85.92 - $202.08 FOR THE EXACT SAME PLAN!

What are your options?

Basically folks on Medicare have two avenues to pursue to supplement their Medicare part A and B, either a Medicare supplement, also known as a Medigap plan, or a Medicare Advantage Plan. Generally, Medicare Advantage plans and part D drug cards can only be purchased during the "Annual Enrollment Period". In 2019 this enrollment period last from October 15th 2019 to December 7th 2019 and plans go in effect January 1st 2020. If you are new to Medicare or have a "special enrollment period" granted by Medicare, you can sign up for your part D drug card or Advantage plan outside of the Annual Enrollment Period. Medicare supplements can be purchased year round, but you may have to answer the health questions and to qualify, where as Medicare Advantage plans and part D drug cards have no underwriting requirements. Navigating the maze of Medicare insurance plans can be difficult. Although we are located in Lafayette Indiana, we are also licensed in Illinois and Michigan. Contact us anytime for a free insurance quote for your state.   

The great thing about this whole process is the insurance companies pay the agent, NOT YOU ...the service is free. There really is no reason to not have your very own agent working on your behave.​

Things you NEED to know about Medicare

  • Over 10,000 Baby Boomers a day are turning  65 and are eligible for Medicare benefits. Currently, to get your full Social Security benefits you must wait until age 66. For folks born after 1959 to get full social Security benefits you must now work until 67.
  • Did you know that if you choose to not take part B or a drug card when you are eligible you may incur a penalty when you do and that penalty never goes away for life?
  • The new legislation will take care of the "Doctor Fix" but could cause the part B doctor deductible to increase sharply in the next few years. 
  • Some of the current Medicare supplement plans offered today will no longer be offered after 2020. 

These and many other changes are coming to Medicare.  Remember knowledge is power and we always focus on first making you an educated client. Call us today! 765-746-6459.....

Medicare 101

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The story of Medicare: A timeline

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