Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance

We write both small and large group health Insurance

We work with multiple companies providing innovative employee benefit solutions.

We provide small – to mid-sized employers with health-benefit options previously only available to large employers.

For group members looking for extra financial protection, we give them access to extra coverage, helping them cover out-of-pocket expenses resulting from unpredictable events like accidents, critical illnesses and more.   

Self-Funded Programs​ Self-Funded Programs are a low-risk, self-insured health benefits solution. With a Self-Funded Program, you get to experience the advantages of self-funding without taking on added risk. It’s an easy way for you to lower costs while providing quality health care benefits to your employees.

Key Features

  • One, predictable monthly payment
  • Plan administration and account management
  • Plan meets all government standards

We provide flexible options to help you select the features that will benefit your group the most

  • Deductible options range from $500 to $5,000
  • ​Coinsurance options: 100%, 90%, 80% and 50%
  • Multiple office-visit copay options
  • Prescription copay options available
  • COBRA administration provided at no extra cost
  • Urgent-care copay options
  • Access to large, national networks, with discounts for using in-network doctors and hospital

We’ve expanded for 2019 to include Large employers as well!

We’ve teamed up with MedBen to offer large employers options to save money on their health insurance cost. Whether you want to fully insure, self-fund or partially self-fund your employee health benefits, MedBen has all the services you need – fully supported by customized, interactive technology. And you can choose from an extensive portfolio of products to create the ideal package.

Through out association with MedBen we can offer a full spectrum of group health care benefit services, including medical, dental, vision, and COBRA and HIPAA administration. We are a leader in worksite wellness and consumer-driven health plans. And we have the online services and educational tools necessary to make these plan designs work.

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    RLee Insurance Solutions, LLC BBB Business Review